Clairol 5in1 Shampoo Fruity for Hair Nourishment 200ml


Inspired by Mums, 5 ways to care for the family’s hair all in 1 bottle!
Nourishing shampoo for the family
With fruit extract, a well-known natural source of vitamins and nutrients
Offers 5 benefits in a bottle: 1- gently cleanses / 2- softens / 3- nourishes / 4- smells fresh / 5- detangles
1-gently cleanses: a combination of mild surfactants create a Skin-like PH, allowing the family to share the same shampoo
2-softens: our care agents are specifically designed to make all hair types and hair lengths soft to the touch
3-nourishes: lightweight conditioning agents condition hair and leave no greasy feel/build-up
4-smells fresh: green floral unisex scent with Bergamot, Lime and Mandarin to delight men and women
5-detangles: cares for each hair fibre making it easy to comb even for fine kids’ hair