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Welcome to EDGE CBD

If you are new to the world of CBD, it can be a real challenge just working out where to start! We hope the information on this page can give you the knowledge you need to understand more about what CBD really is, make the right decision based on your needs and begin using our range of CBD products with absolute confidence

With so many products flooding the market, all claiming different things, it can be difficult to know which option is best for you! Before you can make that decision, you need to understand what CBD is, how it works and the different forms it can take.

So, what is CBD? 

CBD is short-hand for Cannabidiol - this is one of over 100 naturally occurring molecules found within the help plant, known collectively as "Cannabinoids."

The majority of us are most familiar with the infamously criminalised cannabinoid "THC" - widely knwon for its pschoactive effects. Contrary to THC, many of the additional Cannabinoids within the hemp plant are in actuality NOT psychoactive - CBD included!

One of the most commonly asked questions about CBD is - "Will it get me high?" - The is and will always be - NO!

In Fact - CBD is not only non-psychoactive & non-addictive, but it is also being studied in relation to a wide range of issues that many of us experience every day.

These include but are not limited to:

* Acne,

* Anxiety & Depression


* Alzeheimer's disease

* Arthritis

* Epilepsy & Seizures

* Inflammation

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

* Mood Disorders

* Neurodegeneration

* Neuropathic Pain

* Osteoporosis

* Parkinson's Disease


* Rheumatism

* Schizophrenia

* Skin Conditions

* Sleep Disorders

* Stress


How Can It Do All That?

As you are no doubt wondering – with such a varied range of conditions being studied, how could CBD really have the potential to do so much?

The answer lies within our own bodies!

* Throughout our biology there are complex networks of receptors which react to specific compounds in order to maintain our internal chemistry.

* One such network - known as the “Endocannabinoid System” - is made up of two dierent types of receptor that interact specifically with cannabinoids like CBD.

* CB1 receptors are found primarily in the brain and central nervous system.

* CB2 receptors are found in the immune system, digestive tract, pancreas and spleen.

* When absorbed by our bodies, CBD does not actually interact with these receptors directly – but instead appears to activate the receptors of cells that do.

* While the research is still ongoing, It is theorised that through this indirect effect, the cannabinoids are able to work more efficiently within us and have the potential to impact our wellbeing and improve our daily lives!


What Forms Does CBD Take?

You will likely have heard other users of CBD products discussing terms like Isolate, Full Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, Distillate and Terpenes - But what does it all mean? All of these are relevant to CBD products, but it is important that you understand the differences between them in order to make sure you choose the product that is best suited to your needs.


CBD Isolate

What's it all about?

* Our CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD available - it is a crystalline powder typically found to have a CBD concentration of over 99%.

* CBD Isolate begins life as a healthy happy hemp plant. The plant material then undergoes an initial extraction process which leaves us with full spectrum oil.

* Only a percentage of this oil is actually CBD, the remaining materials are made up of remaining plant matter including a range of cannabinoids, waxes and lipids (fats).

* this full spectrum oil is then extensively refined to remove the remaining plant material all the way down to a single molecule of pure CBD crystal isolate.

* These crystals are then crushed into a powder that can be blended into oil-based products like our e-liquid or oral sprays, allowing us to dose with extreme precision!


Why Should I Choose EDGE Isolate Based Products?

We have taken great care in selecting our Isolate and are proud to know that it is an industry leader in quality. It means we can confidently state that we are only ever providing you with the best CBD products available, and with good reason:

* The hemp plants our isolate is extracted from naturally produce over 18% CBD. Much higher than the more widely used “true” industrial hemp plants grown within the EU, which only produce a fraction of a percent of CBD by comparison!

* Having such a high CBD content from the start means that there is no need to waste as much plant material during the refinement process – only 20-30% compared to the 90-98% that is typically wasted when using inferior hemp.

* Due to only having to remove such a low amount of waste material, our Isolate is not damaged by any harsh solvents, chemicals or aggressive refinement processes. So not only is it less wasteful, but is of the highest possible purity and integrity!

* We work exclusively with the largest registered hemp farms who comply fully to US farming regulations. This means we can guarantee that pesticides and heavy metals are never present in the soil or surroundings where the hemp is grown.

* Our most recent lab report speaks for itself! – It confirms that our isolate contains 99.33% CBD and absolutely 0% THC – We are always happy to share our lab reports on request.


What CBD Is - How Do I Know Which Product Is Best For Me?

The answer to that depends on you – what has led you to try CBD? What are your personal needs & preferences? – While we cannot answer those questions for you, we can help you understand the differences between the products, and why each one might be the best option for you!


CBD E-Liquids

Why should I vape CBD?

Vaping has been observed to be one of the most efficient methods of absorbing CBD into the body. It allows CBD to become an effortless part of your daily life, whether enjoyed with our range of delicious e-liquid flavours. It is important to remember - our CBD vapes do not contain nicotine!


CBD Oral Sprays

Why should I take CBD in Oral Spray form?

Just like vaping, another effective way to absorb CBD is through direct oral consumption, with approximately 20-30% of the total CBD content being absorbed. The difference here lies in the actual CBD dosage – unlike the PG and VG used in our e-liquids, our tinctures/oral sprays are entirely MCT oil based (MCT oil is primarily derived from coconuts!) CBD is oil soluble – this means that it is far easier to create a much higher strength, stable CBD blend when using MCT. This means that where our e-liquids are offered in strengths up to 500mg of CBD per 10ml bottle, our tinctures/sprays could be developed to contain up to 3000mg of CBD! Unlike e-liquids which are vaped, these products are often dropped/sprayed under the tongue and held for a short time to achieve maximum absorption.

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